K-Tec scrapers are at work on some of the most challenging sub-development projects in Australia. From the wet winter conditions of industrial Melbourne to the marshlands of coastal residential developments, K-Tecs thrive in conditions that would typically park up conventional earthmoving equipment. We get a tremendous feeling of pride seeing our K-Tec scrapers give our customers an edge in the civil construction industry. K-Tec articulated tractor fleets are tackling earthworks at several large industrial and residential developments in the greater Melbourne region of Victoria, where wet muddy winters are the commonplace. The flexibility of K-Tec articulated tractor scrapers allows for superior handling in tight confined spaces over short haul distances without the need for push loading. Our low-ground pressure wheel tractors shine in projects with short, tight haul circuits; while quadtracs are exceptionally high flotation and continue to get the job done in boggy, muddy conditions that typically park up heavier yellow machinery. Up and down the eastern coast of Australia, K-Tec scrapers are the earthmover of choice for new coastal reclamation projects, waterfront residential living developments and new commercial property projects. At Scraper Hire Australia, we can supply full articulated scraper combinations including the tractor power unit best suited to specific project conditions. We are also able supply scrapers ready to work with a contractor’s existing power unit fleet. Contact the Scraper Hire Australia team for hire rates.

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